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What is EZVALU?

Depositphotos 4770307 originalEZVALU is a full service advertising agency affordable to Small Businesses.  

Unlike large sized companies and enterprises, you don’t need a million dollar annual budget to hire an AD agency to help you market your company.  With EZVALU, you can have professional looking and carefully researched-based print designs, videos, website and other related marketing materials at unbelievably low prices.  Our easy monthly payments make it even easier for value-minded companies to hire EZVALU as their AD agency, to provide marketing services throughout the year on a regular basis.  At EZVALU, we believe that you don’t have to pay for what you don’t need.  Our monthly membership can help your business in marketing, resulting in revenue increases and widening your bottomline..

Our preset packages are carefully crafted to provide enough creative marketing force to boost your business and revenue.  If these packages don’t fit you, our specialized staff and online tools can help you design a customized package specifically to fit your budget.  Simply click here or call us and speak to one of our representative.

Every business has a need for print design and web materials on a regular bases, so why not get a focused and specialized firm that can provide you effective results at a fraction of the cost?  It’s like having your own creative department, but only affordable.

Our monthly membership includes scheduled outbound strategic marketing.  For example; we will send out email newsletters and postcards to your clients based on seasons, holidays and special occasions such as boxing day, black friday, christmas and new year.

We understand that as a small business owner you must wear many hats and don’t have enough time to work on marketing your products, services and brand.  You also don’t  have time to co-ordinate with your graphic designers, dictating to them and going back and forth numerous times to finalize artwork.  It becomes more frustrating during crunch time, and even more when both, your designer and yourself don’t have skilled marketing expertise.  In addition;  during all this time, you are away from your actual business.  EZVALU takes all this burden away from you and notifies you ahead of time when a marketing campaign is scheduled.  Our expert staff will assist in finalizing the artwork and release it to the printer or electronically post with your consent, at the right time.

The EZVALU team is comprised of exceptionally talented industry experts, who have worked for other AD and marketing agencies, holding over 90 years of cumulative experience in marketing and creativity.



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